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Accessories Continued

HOHNER Harmonicas

For over 150 years HOHNER has been producing musical instruments with the highest level of quality possible. Traditional craftsmanship and know-how based on decades of experience, combined with state-of-the-art production technology ensures that we will be able to maintain our high standard for the future.

The improved responsiveness of the single notes in each pitch already convinced countless children, teenagers, adults and seniors, beginners as well as advanced players, to become Hohner harmonica fans.









Hercules Stands

HERCULES' vision is to back up your performance with solid support. Our stands have the three features musicians need most — Innovation, Stability and Solidness. In consultation with musicians such as you, we have done exhaustive research and development to eliminate the problems associated with "ordinary" stands and ensure your complete satisfaction.


In studio, on the road, or relaxing at home — HERCULES are stands you can trust.















Gator Gig Bags


Gator Pedal Boards and Stands


Our selection of Guitar Cases and Bags are designed to fit a wide variety of guitar styles. Options range from lightweight gig bags great for local gigs all the way up to heavy-duty wooden and molded tour cases providing the ultimate protection when traveling with your guitar. Our popular line of Effects Pedal Boards features a variety of sizes and styles to match each individual player’s needs.


L.R. Baggs




L.R. Baggs Acoustic PreAmp







Replicating the pure beauty of sound from an acoustic guitar has always been a challenge for both studio and live technicians alike. In the absence of dedicated acoustic guitar amplifiers, direct boxes are a necessity for getting a strong signal from your guitar to the mixing board.


As seen with most generic direct boxes on the market, though, functionality and control are typically limited. Not so with the L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. – a direct box of unrivaled sonic character. Thanks to its variety of functional controls and exemplary tone quality, it brings a breath of fresh air to the world of otherwise boring D.I. boxes. The tonal enhancement for guitars running through a P.A. system – particularly Piezo-pickup equipped solid-body guitars, was so good that the Para Acoustic D.I. rendered our need for a dedicated acoustic guitar amplifier virtually unnecessary.





FAST ACTION - SUPER GRIP and a COMPLETE TONAL RANGE. V-Picks are the world's best guitar picks with carefully calculated bevels and a proprietary blend of acrylics that create the most articulate, slip resistant plectrums you have ever played. Electric guitar picks, Acoustic guitar picks, Mandolin picks, Gypsy Jazz,Bass, Dulcimer, and Therapeutic picks for players with injuries. With over 100 models to choose from, we have the perfect pick for you!


CARLOS SANTANA, BILLY F GIBBONS, STEELY DAN, AEROSMITH, PHIL KEAGGY and JOHNNY HILAND all play V-Picks, and for a good reason. V-Picks are simply the best guitar picks you can buy!








ProPik Fingerpicks

Inspired by a popular finger pick made in the late 1920's, this vintage style pick has been updated for greater comfort and tone. A special pierced wrap gives you a secure, comfortable fit. And you can customize your tone by choosing from two metals and three blade styles. Some consider the picks from the 1920's to be the ultimate. Use them if you can find or afford them. Meanwhile, enjoy the past today with a set of ProPik Vintage Style picks.

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