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Rock U Lessons


EXPLORE YOUR INNER ROCK STAR! Enroll now! Call Dr. Woods at (847) 639-9683 to sign up!


Welcome to Dr. Woods Rock University, McHenry County's original and best rock n' roll education program. Here at Rock U, we strive to educate young musicians about collaborating and playing in a band, as well as jam and have lots of fun. Our program challenges young musicians to focus their talents and expand their musical horizons by offering the opportunity to rehearse great rock n' roll music with a band of peers before performing at a real music venue. Rock U is a 10-12 week program, with a concert at the end to showcase all that the students have learned in the weeks spent practicing. The classes meet once a week for 90 minutes. Class times and days vary each semester depending on the availability of the students. Call (847) 639-9683 to learn more or to enroll!


Call us today at (847) 639-9683 to enroll.