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Violin/Cello/Viola Lessons

Cecily Carroll has been teaching violin, viola and cello for 25 years. She earned a Bachelor’s of Music Education degree from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1995. She has completed some coursework towards a Master’s degree of Music from Illinois State University and has taught institutionally from K-12 to undergraduate music classes.


Though classically trained, Cecily loves all types of music and encourages students to explore the musical genres to which they are most suited. She has played in a variety of orchestral ensembles, recorded tracks with rock bands, played live with gospel groups, opera companies and country western singers.  She is also a founding member of the St. Aloysius String Quartet.


Currently Cecily spends a great deal of time parenting four children and manicuring the yard when it isn’t covered in snow. As a Pennsylvania native, Cecily enjoys lurking in the forest and marveling at wildlife. In addition to teaching string instrument lessons, Cecily restores violins, violas and cellos which have fallen into disrepair.

Cecily Carroll